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Default Re: How about a Beta Ray Bill spin-off?

Originally Posted by Mexxecutioner View Post
I would love it! Beta Ray Bill is so fn cool!
I could imagine a Movie like the Thor Comics from the Simonsons run!
First Part: Thor fights Beta Ray! Odin sees that Beta Ray is also worthy and they fight for Mjolnir! Than Beta gets Stormbreaker!
Second Part: They fight a enemy!
Imagine Beta Ray Bill with Stormbreaker and Thor with Mjolnir laying the smackdown on the Skrulls or on Surtur! Would be epic!

You see, I really would love a Storyline with Beta or even a own movie!
Only if Balder the Brave is introduced.

Have the BRB movie be part 1 and Thor 3 be part 2 of the story.

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