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Latest semi-build project. Had tried out a friend's Fender Blues junior with the 'BillM' mods (tone/coupling caps and larger filter, take out 'sparkle mod'), and liked it quite a bit. Along with a better speaker, it definitely improved the 'size' of the sound and took away a lot of the boxiness of the stock amp. Made it much more gig-worthy for small places. So I got a used BJ for pretty cheap and did the mods, and liked it but wanted to go one step further and got a larger replacement cab from this builder.....

Custom Replacement Cabinets items in The Musicans Hardware Store store on eBay!

New cab is larger than the original BJ cab. Really helps the amps sound bigger with better 'elbow room', and pretty darn good volume especially with an Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker.

Went with blonde tolex w/ brown sides, oxblood on the circular speaker cloth. Put my own badge on, which I had made by and have used on my other builds. Wasn't very much more spent altogether than a brand new Blues Junior. I'm pretty happy with how it came out....a handsome little combo for both practice and small-to-medium gigs.

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