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Post Mandarin Maybe Reintroduced in Iron Man 4

After months of irritating arguments between angry fans and selfish cyberbullying scumbags over the twist and swindling on the Mandarin, a Marvel One Shot titled All Hail the King featuring the Madarin (Trevor Slattery) has been announced for release with Thor the Dark World dvd on February 25th. Sources say that it will fix the very error that Marvel has made on the character in Iron Man 3, plus sources say that the terrorists from the original Iron Man film will be upset with their leader's name being taken by a drunken actor and to the fact that this one shot is rumored to be a prologue to Iron Man 4, hope has it that Marvel Studios may have finally came to sense and decided to reintroduce the Mandarin as the actual magic ring blaster we know from the comics and as the real leader of the Ten Rings that has not been specifically introduced yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Iron Man 4. To find out how a retraction on the character seems possible, please read this article to find out.

Surely before production for Iron Man 3 began, Marvel Studios was aiming to do the Mandarin in the films without being chinese. From the first film, Tony Stark was abducted by terrorists in Afghanistan who call themselves the Ten Rings and they were said to be under the command of the Mandarin, Iron Man's greatest foe. Mandarin was suppose to appear in the first movie but was cut out from the film. During the premier of Iron Man 2, director Jon Feavreau started to criticize the Mandarin of his depiction saying that the villain wouldn't fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but many of us know for sure that he was wrong because people like him aren't creative enough.

On July 14th when Ben Kingsley was confirmed as the Mandarin for Iron Man 3, everyone was so excited that we we're finally gonna see Iron Man take on his arch enemy at the start of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 and once the film made it's world premier in April 2013 everything was going good. But then when we got to the middle of the film, things started to backfire when Tony finds the Mandarin in a mansion in Florida, things started going haywire when the Mandarin reveals himself as Trevor Slattery a british actor pretending to be the Mandarin, he ended up being turned into a joke and what is worse than that is that at the end of the movie, Aldrich Killian proclaims himself the real Mandarin and it got many fans upset even more when director Shane Black says that Aldrich Killian is the Mandarin's MCU version instead of doing the character properly from the comics with 10 magic rings, it ruined most of the Iron Man franchise for many fans who reacted to the twist because they have been looking forward to seeing how Iron Man's battles with the Mandarin would look in the cinematic films and now because Kevin Feige ended up completely corrupt on the character choosing to swindle us on the villain by turning down the golden opertunitty on doing the 10 magic rings for the character and by ripping us off with Extremis powered Aldrich Killian as their excuse of the Mandarin's MCU version.

What has gotten into them? How could Marvel Studios purposely turn down on a character so many of us enjoy so much by violating him and why? Are they to bent on wanting the setting to Iron Man 3 to be exact on real world events that they ended up believing Jon Favreau that the rings wouldn't qualify? Have they become obsessed with wanting the movie to gross a billion dollars in gross revenue just for glory and success? Were they afraid that doing the Mandarin properly as the dictator of the Afghanistanian terrorists the Ten Rings make countries in the real world start attacking ours? How else could we explain their reasons for their betrayal on the character? One thing is for sure is because of what they just did completely wrong to the Mandarin, they have made a huge mistake and now the Iron Man franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a complete living hell for me and many fans who were ticked off by their twist and for those of you cyber bullies who keep typing "Guy Pearce is the Mandarin" and "It didn't ruin anything" are retards making the problem worse for many others to handle and twice retarded if they try using that word against this article. Question is, why do some users online have to be so careless on accepting Killain as the Mandarin of the Marvel Cinematic Universe against our frustrations of him screwing up our exciting expectations when he did not wear the Ten Rings at all? Are they really not fans of the comics? Are they not into what would look so awesome in the film from the comics properly? Or are they being paid to collaborate with Shane Black's rip off interpretation? That is a mystery which will have to wait another day.

For now, we just got word that a Marvel One Shot titled "All Hail the King" featuring Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin/Trevor Slattery has been scheduled for release with Thor the Dark World on DVD in February this year. While it is to feature Trevor doing a documentary while in the prison he was sentenced to, Drew Pearce, who wrote the script says that the One Shot will fix the error that occured in Iron Man 3 which is hopefully the setback of Aldrich Killian being the Mandarin because the Mandarin was suppose to be leader of the terrorist cell in Afghanistan called the ten rings which means the Mandarin would have be someone native/positioned with his subordinates in that country and wears ten rings and is certainly not some extremis powered scientist from America who use to be a fan boy that Tony Stark pisses off which made him become the maniac who threatened him in the third movie.
I mean it doesn't make any sense for an american to be the leader of a terrorist organization in an enemy country and come on. Military contracts? That doesn't cut it at all. Plus none of the actual terrorists from the first Iron Man movie were seen in Iron Man 3 and do you really expect us to believe that Killian is the MCU Mandarin just by having a dragon tattoo on his chest, equipped with martial arts skills, extremis and people using people as masks theatrics? It's not enough. None of it is.

So if the Marvel One Shot does fix the problem that occured in Iron Man 3, they certainly wouldn't do it just making Trevor Slattery admit that he truely is the Mandarin after what just went down with him in Iron Man 3. Oh no. With word out on the net that this one shot might be a prologue to the upcoming Iron Man 4 and that some of the Ten Rings operatives in Afghanistan will be angry that their leader's name is being used by a drunken british actor who is not really affiliated with them, this could mean only one thing, that Marvel Studios has decided to redo/reintroduce the Mandarin as the real and more specific leader of the Ten Rings for Iron Man 4 and if that happens, Shane Black's specifications of the Mandarin's MCU version being Aldrich Killian will be debunked and that we may actually get to see the real power ring blasting Mandarin from the comics in the films after all.

How would it be possible for the Mandarin to get a retraction on his Marvel Cinematic Version after what Black just specified him as in Iron Man 3, you'd ask? Well it's not everyday or every movie heroes and villains get second chances in a potential comic based cinematic franchise but after seeing what was completely out of whack in the previous film other than the disappointment of a very favorite character being screwed up and the next set of Iron Man movies planned to be non-comic based, a redo on the Mandarin does sound possible. After all, with the fourth Iron Man movie being planned as a James Bond like blockbuster, what other terrorist organization would be fit for the film for Tony Stark to deal with and who else would be fit as bond villain like foe than the real Mandarin who is yet to be properly reintroduced himself?

Now for the Mandarin to be properly reintroduced as the more specific leader of the Ten Rings, he is gonna have to be depicted in a more decent and dressed more civilized like his modern day version in the Invincible Iron Man comics 500 - 526 because of how they treated Kingsley's character in Iron Man 3, we all understand that the character cannot work properly in his classic comic inspired version, you know with the wardrobe and the idea of not making the character chinese will still stand. But when Marvel Studios does reintroduce the Mandarin in Iron Man 4, they'll be sure to the power rings for the character this time. All they need to do to make the power rings look real would involve some deviations which involves basing their powers off a different source of magic and science separate from the ones in the comics. With the film being non Iron Man comic based, the rings worn by the Mandarin will probably be Asgardian since it's so far one specific source of magic available and they wouldn't involve alien dragons being their makers otherwise they wouldn't look real enough at all in the MCU. And if Mandarin is officially reconfirmed for Iron Man 4, the actor best suitable for the role of the villain's proper version is

Sean Penn

Sean Penn maynot be chinese or native to the middle east but he is another actor in LA who bares a facial resemblance to the Mandarin just like Ben Kingsley plus his tone of voice sounds similar to the one that Kingsley made as the Mandarin in the first half of Iron Man 3 and since he is 17 years younger than Kingsley and played the ruthless mob boss Mickey Cohen in the movie Gangster Squad, he should still have plenty of strength and fight in himself to take the role as the master of the rings and battle Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man in the 4th installment. He would be almost the exact spitting image that Killian had idolized Trevor Slattery as when he had framed the actor for the suicide bombings of his failed experiments just to hide himself from the authorities and if Marvel does redo the Mandarin in Iron Man 4, they would just have it look like that everything Killian did in Iron Man 3 was not only to make his own plans succeed but to also keep Tony, Rhodey and the authorities from finding out where the real Mandarin is hiding as well.

And if Sean Penn or who else will be doing the real Mandarin in Iron Man 4, he will be depicted in a more civilized way similar to the character from the modern day comics and while wearing the 10 Asgardian power rings and running his safeguarding organization, the character's evil scheme will not indeed be based off any of the Iron Man comics but speculation has it that it may involve shutting down technology all across every major section of the planet and no it will not involve some magic jewel called the Heart of Darkness. It would involve something more modern but more high tech like missiles and bombs that can unleash a large electromagnetic pulse.

But not only will the Mandarin have his Ten Rings subordinates on his side but also a couple other villains from the Iron Man comics and also other comics in the Marvel Universe as benefactors and henchmen working for him.

Plus when the Mandarin battles Iron Man with those rings, he will need to suit up in armor so that the fight looks just as real in the films like the comics and the armor would look almost similar to the one from Iron Man Armored Adventures

All that is left now for the Mandarin yet to make his proper appearance in Iron Man 4 is what his real name should be. Well out of all the most unused characters in the Iron Man comics, there is one name suitable for this renewed version;

Kearson DeWitt who was origially the Overlord in the comics will do as the real Mandarin in Iron Man 4 and since the film is said to not be comic based, anything is possible.

But in order to find out for sure that Marvel is reintroducing the Mandarin, be sure to check out the Marvel One Shot on the Thor the Dark World DVD next month. And let's hope it's true.

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