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Default Re: Mary Jane Watson Cast, New Villain Rumor for Sequel - Part 1

I think Shailene Woodley is very beautiful and you got to figure in what version they're gonna use for the sequel. Everyone has this vision of the John Romita Sr. Mary Jane Watson and that's hard to equal on film. I don't really care for the Ultimate Marvel Universe version since she was essentially Gwen Stacy with red hair. In the film, Gwen is already the girl next door type. Mary Jane in the upcoming sequel needs to be a challenge for Gwen and a girl who messes with his already complicated life. She doesn't necessarily to be a model, but someone who's not only beautiful, but smart and knows how to have fun. She basically needs to be different from Gwen. I also want Sam Claflin to be Harry Osborn. He looks like the modern Harry Osborn.

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