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Default Re: 2012/2013 NBA thread: My Team is Better Than Your Team! - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Apocalypse View Post
NBA and NFL. Just the society we live in. Everything someone does is scrutinized and labeled offensive most the time. Give a hard foul and ESPN dissects it as a cheap shot or something personal. It's pretty pathetic. I play ball against my friends and if they going in for an easy layup and its a close game ill hit them hard. It's nothing personal. Just competition. I see big men like Tyson Chandler complain every damn time he gets touched. Like, what the hell you think a 6'5 guy is going to do against a 7 footer.
Well, to be fair, you have seen Rondo take cheap shots at peopole bigger than him just because they fouled a teammate of his.

But let's be honest, if it wasn't for that hype, no one would even care about the Rockets/Warriors, so as stupid as it is, they're doing them a favor.

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