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Smile Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 2

With everything we've heard, though I would like to see Zemo, if Zola or Pierce, or some political thillery combination of the two are the "main" villian then I wouldn't mind. My main focus in terms of who Cap is facing in this is Bucky, The WINTER SOLDIER. Who ever is pulling the strings doesn't become that big a deal, because ultimately is about that story, not what the "main" villian is up to. In the Winter Soldier story arc the "main" villians were Red Skull, and Alexander Lukin, and really while their motivations drove the plot forward, I didn't really care what either was up to, because it was essentially a means to point Winter Solider in Cap's direction and have that story play out.
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Cap doesn't "defeat" the main villians persay, his real victory in that story line was freeing Bucky's mind

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