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Default Re: The Stealth Express of Doom News & Discussion Thread:

Originally Posted by runningman3000 View Post
Gavin Hood's inexperience did show, but I'll wait until I have seen his "Enders Game". I loved Tsotsi, but its a different animal when you take control of a "Big Budget" movie.

However, the Tom Rothman drama was not exaggerated. The cinematographer, Don McAlpine, pretty much confirmed that Rothman and friends were on Gavin's behind!
Interesting. I remember the rumour of Rothman ordering a set to be re-painted because it was too dark, so I'm pretty sure there was a lot of conflict during the production of Origins.

I'd like to see what Hood would have done without the studio meddling.

I get the feeling there is a similar thing going on with The Wolverine. Of course, there is no Rothman at Fox now, but the trailer for The Wolverine was so out of sync with the tone Mangold described that it seems to me that the studio is trying to steer it in another direction. I was rather hoping for a superhero samurai movie where Jackman was totally embodying the character.

I also wonder if the reason Aronofsky left was because he couldn't make the Wolverine movie he wanted.

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