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Default Re: Worst Marvel Studio's movie so far?

Originally Posted by Green Goblin View Post
I thought the Lizard was alright. Having no snout is better than having him a dinosaur, it would look very silly if he talked like that. They went for this humanoid-lizard idea which made sense has he wanted to enhance humanity, not turn them into dinosaurs. The only crime was not showing his family but even at that there were attempts to sympathise him.

Green Goblin's costume looked ridiculous and the mask meant you could not see his facial expressions, at least having no snout meant it was easy to do that. The Lizard had a plan, GG had a complete turn around and wanted to "rule the city" which is never fully explored.
Green Goblin might have been a more entertaining villain but quality wise they were both pretty average.
Green Goblin at least felt menacing and appropriately nasty in how he dealt with Peter in that savage beating, how he threatened MJ, and was still sympathetic with his relationship to Harry and PEter.

As a fan of the Lizard, they got NOTHING right. Visually, removing the coat caused him to lose that Ditko funk and turn into a generic CGI monster. But as a character not only does losing the family make him unsympathetic, it ruins his unique relationship with Peter. Peter is friends with the Connor family and is actively trying to NOT HURT Lizard, but rather save his friend underneath. It is tragic and it is a very different hero/villain dynamic.

This is why the adaptation was a failure on every level.

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