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Default Re: Worst Marvel Studio's movie so far?

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Green Goblin at least felt menacing and appropriately nasty in how he dealt with Peter in that savage beating, how he threatened MJ, and was still sympathetic with his relationship to Harry and PEter.

As a fan of the Lizard, they got NOTHING right. Visually, removing the coat caused him to lose that Ditko funk and turn into a generic CGI monster. But as a character not only does losing the family make him unsympathetic, it ruins his unique relationship with Peter. Peter is friends with the Connor family and is actively trying to NOT HURT Lizard, but rather save his friend underneath. It is tragic and it is a very different hero/villain dynamic.

This is why the adaptation was a failure on every level.
Spot on, I was very disappointed in The Lizard we got in ASM because he was one of my favourite villains, he just seemed a generic monster and thats never been what the character is about.

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Except that Norman ISN'T sympathetic, he's a cruel evil bastard rather he's the Goblin or not. The movie got that wrong. Also, the GG had ZERO motivation in that movie, or if he did, he never told us. At least the Lizard had an ACTUAL plan, a comic book accurate plan actually. The Lizard looked like Ditko's design, just without the coat. He's a man who grows into a giant lizard creature, the lab coat not tearing off immediately is pushing things. This is a movie, the lab coat was used, just in a way that fit the tone. I wasn't a fan of removing the Lizard's family either, but it didn't make him less sympathetic to me. He was a good man trying to rid the world of disease and physical ailments who was pushed to the point that he made one stupid mistake and things when to Hell from there. Also, Peter being friends with CONNORS is what's important, not being friends with his family.
GG didnt need a motivation in the movie, it was stated earlier one of the side-effects of the serum was insanity, he did a lot of insane things in the movie, that was his motivation.

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