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Default Re: Worst Marvel Studio's movie so far?

Originally Posted by Kahran Ramsus View Post
I do have to agree that Osborne's plot isn't a great, or even good one. It is actually one of my biggest problems with Spider-Man 1. But he's still a dangerous, interesting, well-written character. I'd rather have a great villain with nonsensical ambitions, than a boring one with a lame plot like Lizard.

Lizard's scheme isn't what makes him a lame villain, it only contributes to it. Magneto in X1 was a great villain with essentially the exact same plot. The difference being that Magneto was otherwise a well written, well acted, fearsome, yet sympathetic villain. The best character in the X-Men films in fact. Lizard was none of those things, which is where the real difference lies.
Green Goblin didn't have a plan, actually. At all. I mean, after killing the board members. Killing them was about all Goblin was given to do. Which makes me say he wasn't well written at all (not to mention things such as "We'll meet again, Spider-man!" or "Finish it!").

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