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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
I don't necessarilly disagree with that but I think he was about 10 years too late to be playing the joker. If he had played the joker in his one flew overs the cucko's nest to the shining period, I think his performance would defnitely be up there at least with ledgers.
Yeah, he was way past his prime, even though 10 years later he won another oscar for best actor, plus two nominations. Not to mention other awards.

But by the time he was cast he was 50 and pudgy and sort of too used to playing himself.
50 ain't old, besides Joker isn't portrayed in the comics as being youthful. He looks about 40. Cesar Romero was even older than Nicholson when he played Joker and I never hear anybody complain that he was 'too old'.

Also, he wasn't "pudgy". He has always had a stocky appearance.

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Yeah, it's still cool, but the pudgy 50 year old Joker with a told origin is just not how i see the character.
Even though that's how he was portrayed for years and years.

Joker, for me, is skinny.
Yeah, well, it's the same thing as people saying Michael Keaton wasn't tall or buff enough.

Doesn't care about money or that kind of power.
Since when did Nicholson Joker care about money and power? They were just a means to achieve his ends, just like the Heath Ledger Joker.

He also doesn't fear death like Napier does at 50 years of age. That guy dreaded going into that chemical plant because he had a feeling he would be betrayed, arrested or murdered. Even in his final breath, he was petrified at falling from the helicopter.
At the chemical plant he hadn't become Joker yet.

Joker has shown fear in the comics.

His first appearance;

^You see him being stabbed, 'looking unbelievably at the knife in his chest': "No, no, it can't be true, yet there it is.."

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