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Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
Nolan used Alfred in Batman origins does that mean he's copying Burton?

Have you seen the movie? We don't know how different things will play out yet or how different Zod is this time around.
And this is the exact stuff I am talking about. Being difficult to be difficult.

First, Batman '89 wasn't a proper origin. Second, bringing up Alfred is ridiculous. He isn't a villain and is obviously a staple of any Batman film. Zod is very specific. Very specific. Third, fine Batman Begins has some similarities to '89. I haven no problem in admitting that. I don't see it as a problem.

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
I think because some are considering it a negative against the film, if one were to get on board with the fact there are very obvious similarities.

It wasn't a must that the origin story feature, three Kryptonian villians invading a small town that Superman has to stop. Sure it's not EXACT, but to act like it isn't there at all is incorrect.
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