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Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
Did Donner really invent the story? I would be surprised if it wasn't in the comics first.
The template for the story was obviously from the DC comics. However it's all Donner who crafted and created Superman The Movie. It was his touch that made the movie what it was and him by serendipity got Christopher Reeve who gave the titular character such a larger than life screen presence. Just think about what the original man that the Salkind had in mind for this, Guy Hamilton would have done. Hamilton was known mostly for making James Bond films, his last being "The Man with the Golden Gun" couple of years before filming began on Superman. Fortunately, the British taxman kept him away from filming in the UK. So Donner came on board, along with writers Tom Mankiewicz, David & Leslie Newman, they discarded Mario Puzo's 500 pages script and retooled it. By most account, Puzo's script was horrible. lol.

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