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Default Re: Ever Have Weird People Knock On Your Door Late At Night?

Originally Posted by chaseter View Post
When I went to Texas A&M, I lived in Northgate (party central) and I had a guy puke near my window, a guy pee'd on my window, people have knocked on our door asking to use our cell phones, and we have even had girls pull down their pants and pee in our yard. Needless to say, Friday nights were never uneventful.
Sounds like every major town or city in Britain. I remember coming home at about 3 in the morning from a night out in the West End of London and this guy was beating this other guy in up in the middle of the street. The guy kicking the other guy on the floor just stopped looked at me and then carried on with out saying a word.

Also one time a guy and a girl where having sex up against a wall by my friends house.

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