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Default Re: ORGANICS SUCK!!!! (A Tribute Thread)

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014 View Post
Super strength and spider-sense make far less sense to anyone with a knowledge of biology and/or physics.
Says who? I think you -much like a spider's web- pulled that right out of your ass.
Biologists have already incorporated the Spider's silk producing gene into a goat. The result is silk being secreted (not shot) from the udders. Why would the organic spinnerets behave like cannons rather than spinnerets? Why would he gain two sets of them? Why would they appear on his wrists? Why would he be able to control the shape and the distance of the web?
As someone already mentioned, increased strength could be achieved simply by adjusting the adrenaline and myosin levels.
Spider-sense could be explained as a heightened sensitivity to vibration.
Organic webshooters are so unlike anything in a spiders body, and so efficient in their function that they appear to the product of intelligent design, so why not just make them designed?
One day we may invent a device similar to the webshooter, but no creature will ever possess a natural organ that functions like the organics. Guns don't evolve. Therefor mechanical is more believable, less lazy, and to me much more interesting.

Originally Posted by cjmcray View Post
IMO, having to create a device to let him shoot webs is illogical and doesn't make sense, when he has all the other abilities of a spider
Originally Posted by Zimmy View Post
Second, if he has the power to stick to walls and spidey sense, why not be able to shoot webs?
Originally Posted by Mr X View Post
I dunno I just like organic web idea cause he's getting all these abilities of a spider and not the main one?
In that case why doesn't he have venom glands in his mouth? Why can't he shed his hair to irritate predators? He's never had ALL the abilities of a spider, so you can't say that it's wrong he wouldn't gain this ability and not others.

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