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Default Re: ORGANICS SUCK!!!! (A Tribute Thread)

Personally, I loved the organic web. I never read Spider-Man's comics, except 1 comic my dad brought me back from work when I was a kid, The Assassin Nation Plot. But it was an English copy and I am a French Canadian. So I read it without understanding any of it. So my real education about Spider-Man came from the 90's animated series, in wich he has the web shooters.

But when I first watched Raimi's Spiderman, I never thought about the sudden change from mechanic web shooters to organic web. It simply fit so well, in my mind, I never noiced it. Until years later, and when I realized it, it didn't bother me that much. I always thought to myself "hell, if he's supposed to develop spider-like abilities, it's only logical he should make his own web, just like a spider."

Plus, you either have a school boy bitten by a radioactive spider, wich gives him spider-like powers like wall-crawling, enhanced agility and strenght, and, well, producing web. Or you have a school boy bitten by a radioactive spider, wich gives him wall-crawling and enhanced agility and strenght, but that school boy can't even afford a bottle of milk in a corner store, but somehow gets the equipment needed to build a completely unique and incredibly small machine that allows him to shoot a stuff he also created himself, and that is as durable as Spider-Man's webs are (oh and don't forget, he'll have to build new ones, or maybe repair the ones he had in the movie). The first story makes much more sense to me, but original story is original story, and Spider-Man mytho is Spider-Man mytho, so I was still happy to see the web-shooters in TAMS. It even helped audiences to distinct further this series from Raimi's.*

But now, I read this
Originally Posted by Web face View Post
I dont know who said this, but someone said that what if the cops or something look at the webbing and find out its peter's DNA. That seems like the biggest problem to me if he tries to keep a secret identity and he has organic webs.
Yeah, I have to give the pro-web shooters camp that point.

Although, in TASM, Peter's secret identity doesn't seem like much of an issue, given how much time he spends without his mask on.

Next time though, if they're going to keep the web-shooters (and they are), i'd like to see the "web-ammos" (couldn't find a better name, those little caps he put in his shooters to shoot the web). I know you can see him pushing a button that activates some sort of loading at one point in the film, but, is that it ?

*EDIT : Well, seems like I was kind of proven wrong in a previous comment in here (sorry I didn't read the whole thread BEFORE posting). It seems like, in TASM, Peter got the basic web-shooter desing and finished it, and the recipe for the substance from Oscorp. I didn't get that in my first watch (that's why I love watching movies again and again !) My bad !

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