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Default Re: Justice league story ideas

Not gonna lie, this is pretty much TL; DR so I'll put it in spoilers, but essentially, it's Earth 2 mixed with a little JL New 52.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The film begins in a structure on the moon. A man in a red cape is discussing a problem with a man in a cowl and a woman, that there is “bad news. Luthor has escaped again”.

In Metropolis a charity event is being held by the Wayne Foundation. The event: A race between The Flash and Superman. Hal Jordan is present to watch his friend, Barry Allen AKA The Flash and Bruce Wayne is being protected by MPD Detective, John Jones.

As the race is set to begin, a plane comes hurtling out of the sky uncontrollably, with portions breaking off and falling in to the coast, and a secondary projectile veering off course, unbeknownst to all except Bruce Wayne, who quickly leaves, requesting over his watch, that his jet be readied. Superman, Flash, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern all jump into action and bring the plane down safely along with all the passengers. However, J’onn detects no brain activity, Superman verifies that all the passengers are indeed dead, but all their hearts are on the wrong side. Flash searches the belongings of the people and finds several things are wrong, such as Benedict Arnold being on the $1 bill. Martian Manhunter tells Green Lantern, Flash and Superman that he will be in telepathic contact with them, should the situation require it. They agree to split up and follow the wreckage trails.

One of the pieces of wreckage lands off the coast of Metropolis into the Atlantic, on top of the home of the King of Atlantis, another piece veers off toward the hidden Island of Temyscira. And the main piece, that Bruce Wayne was watching is headed toward Smallville, Kansas. This ship crash lands onto a road in front of a farming couple, like another familiar story. But instead of housing an infant, houses a man: Alexander Luthor.

Superman goes to the Atlantic to find a piece of the wreckage and finds that the flight is a Southern Airlines: KKK and is ambushed briefly by Aquaman, who asks why it is that one of the pieces of wreckage lands right on top of his home, and Superman should find himself lucky that Atlantis is not currently asking for war with the surface dwellers. Green Lantern goes to Themyscira and breaks through the defences, and confronts the Queen of Themyscira, Hippolyta, who says that the Amazons are preparing for war, much to the objections of her daughter, Diana, who begs for her mother to allow her to go to Earth and show her mother that her beliefs are based on misconceptions.

The Flash tracks the third piece, to Smallville, as requested by Superman, and runs into someone who has already arrived before him: Batman. Batman tells Flash this will be faster if they work together, to which an awestruck Flash replies, if he wants fast, he came to the right person. The two follow the trail and Batman notes that Flash sounds like a cop. To which they then play “good cop, bad cop” with the couple who found the ship. Flash telepathically contacts J’onn who then infoms the rest of the heroes (minus Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, who are escorted by the respective partners).

In Metropolis, we see Lex Luthor entering the Luthorcorp offices, but he is acting off. He says he needs to keep his counterpart at bay for a while longer, diverts all military R&D funding to environmental projects and gives all employees a 300% pay raise, before turning to his window to see the gathered heroes. Luthor introduces himself and agrees to go to Superman’s Fortress willingly, to tell him his story, and the story of Ultraman.

We now see a dark mirror of Metropolis, a floating Fortress in the skies, and a figure who is very familiar to us, Superman, but wearing the wrong uniform, he notes to his Brainiac slave that by the time people realises it is fake, the people will have already ruined the economy with no Luthor to try and stop him. Money begins falling from the Fortress and the people begin fighting like animals over it, until one citizen notices that the money is fraudulent, and begins cursing an “Ultraman”, he then begins to burn and dies painfully. Ultraman says he should know better than to curse him within earshot. Brainiac informs Ultraman that Luthor has left for another universe; Ultraman deduces that he will look for a weapon, and that he must call for a meeting of the Syndicate.

In Gotham, Commissioner Thomas Wayne says he knows Owlman is out there and that he will be executed for his crimes. Owlman tells Thomas he’s not sure where though, killing an officer who puts his gun to Thomas’ back. Thomas looks, scared and is slashed across the face, before Owlman disappears. He was taken at superspeed by Super Woman, the two begin to get ahem… carried away before going to the Syndicate meeting.

Luthor begs the assembled heroes for help, Batman straight up refuses him, they are not intergalactic warriors, which Green Lantern has to reject, stating that he is and he will go with him, as every good superhero needs to take a trip to the Anti-Matter world, Flash says he will accompany his friend. Wonder Woman also agrees to go. Batman tells Superman that he must listen to reason, Superman says he took an oath to help those who need it, Batman begrudgingly agrees to go, but only on the condition that Aquaman and J’onn stay behind, as their combined power may be necessary should anything happen in their absence. The six depart on Luthor’s craft from what he dubbed “Earth 2”.

The Syndicate have their meeting and relish in the opportunity of having another world to conquer. Power Ring and Johnny Quick (who is taking a hit of his speed serum) are talking about the possibilities of a matter world and how it should have their own counterparts and the best fight they’ve ever had. Ultraman tries to speak with Super Woman, who tells him if he touches her again, she’ll hang him.
The five “Earth 2” heroes and Luthor are walking through the streets of AM Metropolis, Green Lantern sees a man attacking a child and intervenes, and he is scolded by Luthor as the element of surprise is all they have. He is sent to the Moon to imprison the Syndicate in their “Panopticon”.

Batman confronts Commissioner Wayne and tells him to be hopeful, and that the Syndicate’s global operations will cease in 48 hours. Superman goes to the Daily Planet and tells Super Woman’s alter ego Lois Lane, to meet him with heat vision he burned into a wall. The trap is sprung and Super Woman is sent to the Panopticon, with all members of the Crime Syndicate imprisoned, the heroes can begin their real work.

The heroes begin their humanitarian work while the Syndicate brood, trapped in their headquarters. Discussing the nature of their counterparts and Owlman leads them all slowly on, how a plane filled with their own people disappeared, but was then replaced with the opposite matter counterparts 24 hours later, and he has calculated that very shortly they should appear in the positive matter world.

Green Lantern alerts the others that the Syndicate has vanished. The heroes meet with Luthor and discuss the possibilities of where they may be, coming to one ultimate conclusion: the positive matter Earth. Orin (with the help of an Atlantean battalion) and J’onn (in the form of a Doomsday like beast) attack the Syndicate who are wreaking havoc in Washington DC.

In Ultraman’s Fortress Luthor is devising a way for the heroes to return home, as chaos begins to resurface across the world. On both sides of the mirror both teams are realising they are each doomed to failure. Using the Flash as a battery, he is telling him what need be done in order to return them, however, he discovers that the body swapping is too perfect, and that someone can only have designed this to happen. Ultraman’s Brainiac begins to attack the heroes, revealing his plan is to collide the two Earths resulting in mutual annihilation and providing him with a huge amount of energy, to which he can then collect information from around both universes. Superman tears through the Fortress attempting to find Brainiac’s core, however, he cannot completely stop him as he is a living organism. Flash is continuing to power the cyclotron, but it needs a kick, the heroes must defy their nature and do nothing to stop Brainiac, the heroes are all slowly replaced by their Syndicate counterparts and Ultraman performs a lobotomy with his hands on Brainiac.

Back in DC the heroes are piecing together the city. Wonder Woman speaks of how she feels for Luthor, the only light in a dark world, Batman notes there is no one can fight too hard in the name of freedom, to which Superman retorts Batman is not the kind of man to spread idealism. J’onn reflects that they have learned from their encounter, and hopefully, so did the Syndicate.

In the Anti-Matter world things are returning to normal. Owlman talks with Super Woman about his father turning Gotham into a police state with no one in our out, a hopeful outpost in a grim world. Owlman says to Super Woman that Ultraman can’t be watching all the time and Ultraman kills a bird with heat vision that lands next to them. Politely deciding to not kill them, saying to Brainiac that all will be well in the world.

Back in the matter world the heroes are to be honoured by the President and the team is to be formally acknowledged and funded by the government. Max Lord is their main contributor and Steve Trevor is chosen as the liaison between the new JUSTICE LEAGUE and the world.

The film ends with Superman and Flash finally having their race.

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