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Default Re: Justice league story ideas

Pre Opening Credits: In a banquet celebrating 50 years of peace and separation from Man's world we see a very bored Diana. The peace is broken by an enormous metallic monster emerging from the depths surrounding Paradise Island. The Amazons attempt to fight off the creature, which in appearance resembles an ancient Greek warrior, but they fall by the wayside. Diana takes the lead and using extraordinary agility and ferocity, cuts the creatures head off. As it lie in the sand, its chest opens and three figures go flying off into the sky.

Act 1: While Diana is negotiating with her mother to leave the island and pursue the three flying creatures, we meet our other three heroes. John Stewart is bitter that he is stuck in Coast City while Hal gets to visit the stars, and is using his ring for mundane activities such as preventing traffic accidents. The Flash, Central City's greatest celebrity, is filming a commercial. And Superman is using his unfathomable power to stop a bank robbery. Diana finally convinces her mother of the threat the three figures represent, and gets the use of an old WW II era fighter plane (with mystical invisibility cloak) that had landed on the island a long time ago.

The three figures land in the heroes respective cities and attack. Green Lantern is set upon by a collection of nanobots that at first takes humanoid form and mimics the fighting style of Diana, but then matches John by forming constructs to smash the ones he creates. A smaller device lands in Central City and attaches itself to the Flash's arm. Using his scientific training he quickly deduces that it is a powerful bomb powered by a radioactive isotope of Kryptonian origin. He runs off to meet Superman in Metropolis, hoping he can remove the bomb before the timer runs out. And Superman is attacked by a metal creature who fights like Wonder Woman and whose strength nearly matches his own.

Act II: Superhero team up! Diana flys in to help John, though their initial bickering inhibits their ability to deal with the nanobots. The bots defeat both Diana and John and fly off. Flash rushes out to Superman, but the bomb weakens the Kryptonian. Superman gets the bomb to release using his heat vision, but the metallic creature picks up the device and places it on his face. The creature now exhibits heat vision and super speed, and quickly disposes of the two heroes before flying off.

Act III: The Justice League! The nanobots and the metallic creature meet in Central City, where they merge to form Amazo. The combined creature gets the upper hand, but after a long fought battle the four heroes work as a team and are able to smash the robot. The Flash looks at the inner workings and quickly realizes who created these weapons. They head off to the villain's lair, but find it shockingly unguarded. Emerging from the shadows, they meet their tormenter - Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale). He explains that many years ago Bruce was the Batman and fought against terrorists who plagued Gotham. Each of these new breed of heroes has the power of an army, yet they accomplish so little. Bruce proposes an alliance in which he would use his rebuilt fortune to coordinate their activites in order to make a difference in the world. The heroes are angry, but realize Bruce speaks the truth.

Epilog: The four heroes are engaged in battle with the Royal Flush Gang. The gang is defeated, but Bruce warns them that far greater threats will emerge. We then see a stony figure monitoring the activity from a distant planet.

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