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Default Re: Should X-MEN Duplicate what Superman Returns Did?

Originally Posted by taintedFB View Post
Superman Returns picks up after Superman 2, as if parts 3 and 4 didn't exist and never happened. Even part 2 is in what they call a "vague" history....

Should the next team movie pick up where X2 left off and disregard X3?

That way all our favorite characters would be intact. Phoenix can emerge first as a force of good, before being corrupted.... Scott and Jean could finally headline the Phoenix/ Dark Phoenix storyline.

The cure plot could be combined with Sentinels....

You could also introduce the Hellfire Club as Mastermind, or Emma Frost tries to currupt Phoenix... and you could introduce Gambit...

All in all, X2 left us all with such great hopes for the next movie, that if another team movie happens, I hope it picks up where it left off. What do you all think?
Sorry but this is all fanboy wishful thinking gone crazy.

While it is remotely, theoretically possible to pick up from X2 (X3's Phoenix could be an evil clone or something..the real Jean could still be under the lake slumbering away!), it would, to the mainstream audience and critics, be ridiculous. Firstly, what is the guarantee that Bryan Singer would come back to do it - would he want to, would he be allowed to? Would all the cast come back? What is the guarantee that this new X3 would tell the story you want it to tell? Another director and writers would have their own ideas, which is what already happened with the existing X3. We have no idea how Bryan's own X3 would have turned out, or would turn out in future - Fox might well make demands regarding the roles of Cyclops, Phoenix and Wolverine. Fox wants Wolverine centre stage, it doesn't really want Cyclops and it didn't really want Phoenix either. Why would this be any different?

Secondly, Superman Returns may have used the previous movies as a vague history but it did not make radical changes on matters of life, death or powers. Ignoring the existing X3 would mean Cyclops and Jean still alive, Xavier still obviously alive, Magneto, Rogue and Mystique not cured. That's a lot of differences, far more than in SR's 'vague history.'

You are making massive assumptions that Singer and all the cast would come back and that a perfect script would be written that would be exactly what you want. Does all that sound realistic? No, it doesn't.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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