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Default Re: Should X-MEN Duplicate what Superman Returns Did?

No reboots, no Superman Returns style reboots, no ignoring certain parts of the trilogy. It would be absolutely stupid to do that, plus the general audience would be like "WTF?". All of the above options are totally idiotic and unnessecary. It wouldn't be that hard to make an X4 script.

- Keep Jean Dead forever
- Xavier at Muir Island w/ Moira
- Magneto out of the picture
- Reveal that Cyclops is actually alive in a believable way.
- Bring in Emma and the Hellfire Club working w/ Senator Trask and the Project Wideawake
- Keep all the characters from the first three movies, and add some news ones. Maybe finally giving Jubilee her time to shine, and Gambit.

I got ideas and rought drafts for one, but of course it serves no purpose to just post and rant about them here. lol

But yea, Rebooting or just ignoring what has happened thus far has got to be the worst idea ever for this franchise. A studio doesn't take one of their highest rated trilogies and just reboot it for no reason. This trilogy has been soooo successful for so many reasons. No way does it deserve a reboot. It deserves another sequel to add to the collection.

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