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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Originally Posted by bestever23 View Post
It changed everything. 1997 I saw the end of batman. I had to watch superhero movies like X-men and Spider-Man which I enjoyed but I wanted Batman to Return. I wanted my realistic batman. I saw this independent film called Memento that I thought it was fantastic. a game changer. when I first saw Christian Bale it was in American Psycho. I heard Leonardo DiCaprio
was going to play a killer I was intrigued and then disappointed that he left and a new guy took over. Turned out to be the right guy and I saw a star.
So when I heard the Director of Memento was Directing the new Batman movie and Christian Bale was staring....I knew they nailed it. It was year one and It was the batman we deserved but not only that it was the one Movies needed. You say No? here's my examples of why Batman Begins Changed Everything.....

The List of Movies Inspired by Batman Begins

Casino Royale
Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
Terminator Salvation
Star Trek
Sherlock Holmes
X-Men: First Class
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Amazing Spider-Man
and more

On July 19 I'll be Fortunate enough to see BATMAN BEGINS In Theaters in IMAX one more time.
The Dark Knight is a movie that will go down as a Classic.
But Batman Begins for Me....will go down as a Masterpiece.
Yeah for me I a say thank god for Nolan.He redeemed the horrible mistakes made from the previous Batman movies made.For me Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are the only true Batman movies and Bale is the one and only true Batman actor.

The other Batman actors and the other Batman movies are all phony wanna be imposters.Your one of the few that I have heard say you like Batman Begins better than The Dark Knight.You and the other poster that replied.

My fondness for Nolan might end pretty soon though with The Dark Knight.It doesnt look so good from the trailers.Also I think he has lost it using Bane.Bane is about the lamest villain in the batman universe.He could have come up with a much better villian than that. The Riddler or The Penguin for instance.

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