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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

I loved BB from the first time I watched it to the present, I really like the way Nolan and co explained a lot of the smalerl details such as the glider cape, and how they purchase separate pieces from different suppliers to make the bat mask so it is vitually impossible to trace where Bruce gets his suit! This to me makes it an intelligent telling of something that could be deemed as just a comic book story, but the way Nolan and co tell there story with this smaller details explained, while watching it, it becomes believable that this guy with intense training and billions of dollars could become the Bat.

I also enjoyed the pacing of the film too, fair enough the first half could be looked at as boring, but I thought there were some important pieces that showed Bruce's mindset before he went away, how close he came to actually killing. Also I don't understand this dislike for Katie Holmes, I much preferred her to Maggie, but thats just me.

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