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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Yeah, the dialogue of fear on constant repetition did get too much. It's like Nolan was afraid we'd forget what the theme was or something.
I agree. Except that I blame Goyer.

Originally Posted by RachelDawes View Post
I used to despise BB with a fiery passion because I thought it was one of the most boring movies I've ever seen. The first time I watched it I seriously pondered turning it off halfway through; I was that bored. I've seen it twice since then and I've come round to grudgingly liking it. I still detest some of its corniness (like "finder's keepers"), Katie Holmes's perpetual smirk, her generally unlikable character, and the way Thomas Wayne died. Everything else is fine though and I even now enjoy the slow training scenes.
Some of those things made the audience in my theater get distracted because of the powerful sound of my eye rolling.

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