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Default Re: Let's Talk Costumes?

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
I've had this exact same argument on the Marvel boards.

The second you have a highly visible Superhero in a film universe, you have enough of a reason for other characters to start suiting up in Superhero outfits. You no longer have to explain it as "alien fashion" or a USO outfit, or a pro-wrestling costume that was modified.

When you have Superman zipping around saving the world, or the Avengers saving New York on every news station, people who have always had powers, fall into powers, and even non-powered vigilantes, would start to take visual cues from "that guy on tv."

We do it all the time in real life. People seek out celebrity looks, why wouldn't other powered individuals seek out a "superhero" look?
Exactly. It also is a nice nod to the truth of superhero costuming. Every superhero since 1938 has been inspired by Superman's design. The crest on the chest, cape, riding boots, outside trunks. Even Cap.

It's never been explained in that way in comics, but in a movie? Makes perfect sense.

Though I have no idea how to build that into JL or a spin-off solo film. Maybe only do it directly with the Flash, since GL's uniform is alien(I guess you could consider the Guardians' style inspired the Kryptonians) and WW's costume is.Amazonian. it would be hokey for Batman to.admit to it.

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