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Default Re: Let's Talk Costumes?

Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
I know that was an answer to a question from a fan about whether a Justice League film will happen. I don't read into that statement to mean that Nolan's and Snyder's Superman will be in the Justice League.

Like it or not, it was just last year at the Sucker Punch movie premiere in London (March 30th, 2011) that Snyder said, "Justice League will be just it’s own thing with it’s own Batman and it's own Superman." And I do take what he said as the truth. As with Nolan's Batman (Bale), I wouldn't get your hopes up to see Nolan and Snyder's Superman (Cavill) in the Justice League.
Sorry, but you're right, he said Superman was his own character a year and half ago. But this summer, when asked about Superman in JL he said

"We know that Superman is the jewel in the DC crown, and what we’re trying to do is get his house in order,” he said. “And then, who knows what’s possible.”

Why would he deny it a year ago and then completely fudge and hint at shared universe now? "His house" is DC Comics.

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