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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

I was really surprised by the sci-fi element in TDW, I wasn't expecting to see that level of high tech from Asgard and others (loved the implosion grenade, was damn cool).

The thing I really loved about Thor 1 is how well Hiddleston portrayed some crucial scenes. The scene where Thor was sitting on the steps after throwing over the table and there you see Loki's hand brush the pillar as a snake would reveal itself sliding down a tree. His scene with Odin while holding the casket. And more and more.
But I think TDW was much more a film about Thor and it was good to see Helmsworth return to his original size (he looked smaller in Avengers) so I really felt he was giving everything to his role.
Can't split them, loved different things about each, but I'm happy with that.

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