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Default Re: What villains are left for a 4th film?

Aparently Cyclonus is probably going to be the villain, does anybody know him? Does he make a good villain in a film that also has the dinobots?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
With Bay? Yeah, Im sure he feels challenged by the Avengers to have even more explosions and choas haha. Especially since there are quite a few similarities in the final battle in both films. Im strictly talking action here and Avengers was more successful in that regard as far as the entire final act (DOTM followed Shia/humans too much) but that scene with the driller in DOTM was one of the best set pieces Ive ever seen on film.
Challenged? The final battle in The Avengers was nothing special, don't misinterpet me, it was a better film overall, but in the final battle there never was much tension, i never thought the Chitauri were a big threat that could have defeated the team, and while in the end we saw that people were hurt, during the event itself we never saw that many casualties.

In Transformers 3 we saw people die like bugs, there was tension and the things going on felt big, the characters we know could die any second we saw much more damage. Not saying more damage = better, but the way the battle was presented put more weight into was was going on.

Besides the heroes United there wasn't anything in the battle i would consider exceptional, and from what i heard Michael Bay doesn't even like superhero movie, so besides trying to gain a lot of money too i don't see any reason for why Michael Bay would even try to give something bigger, expecially when he has already done so 1 year before Avengers came out.

Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
yep. this would be tricky to pull off, though-- how do you finesse a planet sized structure heading for earth, without setting off all sorts of cosmic mayhem, disrupting earth's orbit?
That was what was going on the climax of Transformers 3 don't you remember? Cybertron was being transported to earth. He pulled that part already, all he would have to do this time would be trying to give us a climax in space, in between the 2 planets (earth and Unicron).

Originally Posted by Cyclonus View Post
Agreed, please no Unicron. Me being a huge G1 fan for over 20 years I don't want Bay to try to put Unicron in his movies, he will screw it up, mess his look, his origin, etc. They could do Galvatron and maybe change his origin a bit, or have Shockwave, or new made up Decepticon Villain, but no UNICRON!
Wait...what? I know he changes a lot of characters but they generally look good in his films, not to mention that after Dark of the Moon, Unicron is almost tailor made for Bayverse. Clash planets done by Michael Bay, can't wait to see that.

The idea that Michael Bay couldn't pull off Unicron just simply doesn't make any sence, because the truth is, if anybody can pull off Unicron, that man is Michael Bay.

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Unicron and Galvatron.

Seriously... some obscure guys ain't gonna interest me at all. It can't be anyone who I would think: "Oh, a second rate Megatron?"
Did anybody even know who the Fallen was before the film came out? He wasn't even a classic villain, he was very recente.

Originally Posted by Fading View Post
I never understood the resistance to the Dinobots. Nearly every fan likes them. Yet highmoon had to beg to include them in the fall of cybertron game, and I remember reading once that Bay didn't want them either. On paper robot dino's may sound goofy, but it's been showed repeatedly they can be the badass muscle of the autobots.
Fortunatelly it seems like Bay is finally using them, if those reports are true, the fact that a Megatron head was spotted on set may also indicate another ressurrection for the character.

Originally Posted by childeroland View Post
Plenty of male-led action films fail, yet the actors' gender is not blamed. Why should it be different for women? Especially since far more male-led action films are made than female-led action films?
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