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Default Re: Underrated CB movies

I thought I'd already joined this discussion, but it doesn't look like I have, so here we go:
* Batman Forever (as others have said, this film gets lumped in with Batman and Robin as being dreck, but it's actually much closer to Batman and Batman Returns in terms of quality and tone)

* TMNT 3 (I happen to really enjoy this movie; it needed a little more resolution in terms of being a follow-up to TMNT 2, but it's a pretty fun movie nonetheless)

* Man of Steel (I am much more of a Batman fan than a Superman fan, but I thought MoS was a really good film that made Superman accessible to people who might not particularly like the character)

* 30 Days of Night (I don't particularly like the Horror genre, but really enjoyed this movie, mainly because it works as both a tight thriller in its own right as well as a comic adaptation)

* 300 (I think Zack Snyder is a great director whose inherent style is perfectly suited to doing comic-book movies, and 300 is the best example of that style that I can think of right now; it also doesn't hurt that the movie is based as much on the actual historical events that it depicts as it is on the comic that directly inspired it)

* The Rocketeer (This film is really the definition of 'underrated'; it's an incredibly good movie that didn't get nearly the appreciation it deserved when it was in theaters but has become increasingly recognized for its brilliance in the years since)

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