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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 3

Nothing against the classic comic look, but I hope they do something close to Batman '89...NOT material wise, since bulky rubber would be horrible, but design-wise. I've always thought that, flexibility/movement issues aside, the 2 Burton films had the best looking DESIGN for Batman(Begins looked pretty damn good too)...the all jet-black look and the lack of unecessary seams, straps, and techiness is just striking and really helped to enhance the whole "creature of the night" angle. I love the Arkham games, but the suit(other than the fantastic looking cowl) suffers from the same issues as the TDK/DKR's too damn busy. Ask yourself, if you were one of those crooks from the opening scene of B89, and the Keaton Batman came outta the shadows at might HONESTLY BELIEVE that some supernatural creature was about to straight-up END YOU. But that same situation, but with either the Arkham or TDK Batman showed might very well be scared that you're about to catch a can of whoop-ass, but you're not gonna be under any illusion that this guy is supernatural, you'll probably be thinking "Damn, this guy spends WAY too much time at the military surplus store."

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