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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Bathead View Post
What is it with you anti-trunks people and your obsession with getting rid of the trunks? Every time someone posts a pic or makes a suggestion of a suit with the trunks, one of you inevitably pipes up with "yeah, but get rid of the trunks". It's like you have an abnormal compunction to constantly bring up your disdain for them. I don't get what the big deal is. Why are you people so obsessed?
With all due respect, why are you people (mostly you) so obsessed WITH the trunks? If people here have an "abnormal compunction" to bring up their disdain for the trunks, it seems you have the same compunction to bring up your love/support for them.

We discussed possible reasoning for your semi-trunk fetish the other day being a Batman fan for several decades, etc), but do you really have to make yourself the Trunks Cheerleader in this thread, coming to the defense of the trunks almost every time someone brings them up? Not worth your time, IMO. Like I said before, I do feel sorry for you that you will most likely never see the trunks on a live action Batman for the remainder of your lifetime, but that's something you should be able to make peace with. You should also accept the fact that you will simply not find many pro-trunks people around here, and most folks have their own reasons as to why they share that opinion.

If you can embrace the trunks for purely aesthetic reasons (you like the way they look, 'there doesn't need to be a reason for them', it's traditional for Batman), it seems other fans should be able to reject them for the same or similar reasons (they dislike the way they look, there's hardly a reason for them, little too old fashioned for Batman, etc).

No big deal either way, IMO. All depends on how good of an overall design they come up with. With Superman's new suit in MOS, I thought the design was so solid (and surprisingly simple) that his trunks were not missed whatsoever. It might wind up being the same case with Batman this time around.

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