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Default Re: New Origin = Opposite of Donner's

Originally Posted by solidsnake86 View Post
Actually it is that easy, STM is over 30 years old, no one really cares about it anymore. Superman the animated series which people mention over and over itself is over 10 years old now. All of these different mediums that people keep on saying have shown the origin have a relatively small audience.

They just have to do a new origin and quit thinking about how hard it is because it really isnt. I could understand if superman the movie had all the elements with crappy special effects but the reality of the matter is they screwed up a lot of things (of no fault to itself). A lot has been established in comics that people would like to see in a new origin story.
It's not about who's seen the origin in S:TM or STAS. It's about money. We can all come up with a great origin or they could hire some writer who could write the greatest Superman origin ever, but that doesn't mean Warner Brothers is going to invest 200 million dollars on it. There not going to spend a fortune on something with a couple of differences to STAS or S:TM or any other version. It's all been pitched already.

Also, I'm loving Secret Origin right because I think it's a great mixture of Pre/Post Crisis Superman. Johns whole run on Action Comics has probably been the best run on Superman since Byrne in the 80's. That being said Johns pitched to the WB in the 90's with Donner (they chose to go with Burton/Cage instead), and he pitched after SR also, and they chose not to go with his take. Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, and Marv Wolfman are working for the WB film division right now. Hell, I wouldn't doubt it if Johns pitched Secret Origin to the WB before he did to Didio! The fact is, if they want his take on Superman (origin or not) they'll do it. But all signs point to no right now.

Again, Warner Brothers knows all about Birthright, MOS, and especially Secret Origin
. If they want to invest time and money into it they will! If not they'll choose something else. Sadly, history has shown that they always tend to be attracted to the ....else.

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