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Default Re: New Origin = Opposite of Donner's

well for smallville and the secret orgins deal i would take it since we know he has a mental and phsyical connection to his powers things trigger and that caues x power to work and all that.

Still for more personally i do want them to take elements that made superman great in all eras, the whole corp/political lex, and make clark the real person. This is what i really want to see done.

But the main issue in the past and present is wb just doesnt know what they want to do. It does really suck that superman seems to be so darn hard for them. When there is plently of good ideas and writers out there who could combine the best traits and get us a film fans of the characters will like and make it open to general audiences like casino royale did for bond or jj did with the new trek film for trek. Then also presently the whole legal stuff is another hiccup in the dam process.

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