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Default Re: New Origin = Opposite of Donner's

Originally Posted by ck1777 View Post
Right. So what you're saying is you want the MODERN version of Superman that's based on the 80's and 90's version of Superman. If you're talking about POST-CRISIS Superman, you should know that by 2000 it was already starting to change from Byrne's version that was created in 1986. With Birthright in 2003, Post-Crisis Superman was completely taken out of continuity.

And on the subject on S:TAS, Timm and his crew did a great job on that show and gave us not only one of the best takes on Superman but easily the best take on Post-Crisis Superman yet! And yet S:TAS wasn't anywhere near as popular as B:TAS in termes of ratings and critical acclaim.
You know, for all the punishment you seem to have taken in this thread, you're the only one who understands how somethings work.

I roll my eyes when fans here constantly talk about wanting a modern superman, and then bash donner....because modern superman IS basically a mix of donner and a little post crisis. What they actually want is an outdated version of Superman from the 80's and 90's.

And that's funny...because these same fans will rag on singer for wanting donners superman.

Having STAS/Byrne superman is just as wrong for a film as having Donner Superman. They've both been done, and i dont give a damn if STAS was only a cartoon.

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