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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by mclay18 View Post
No. For those reasons you listed above, Zimmer would be an awful choice. I'm really tired of these superhero scores nowadays (X-Men:FC, GL) that just have a couple of chords strung together and dubbed a "theme." For a big event team-up film, it needs a lot more than what Zimmer provided. I'm in the same age bracket you guys are in, but I was raised loving all these wonderful, harmonic scores. Superhero films benefit from these.

The only RC/MV composer I would be comfortable with doing The Avengers is John Powell. And he's done superhero territory two times, and I liked what he did. But Zimmer, nuh-uh. The man can write entertaining music (the POTC films being several), but he's not great at superheroes.
I dont really agree with writing him off as being wrong for the genre based on what he did for the Batman films even if you didnt like the approach. Peronally once i accepted a more minimalistic approach to the score I really enjoyed it and it enhances the separation from the previous films which im sure was part of the idea. He does have other strings in his bow and a facility for melody as seen in the Pirates scores. Anyway i suppose it comes down to a matter of personal taste and we arent all going to agree on everything.

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