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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
I really think there's a huge divide between the non-comic book reading movieverse fans and the genuine (super amazing) comic readers.
Movieverse fans ship Thorki, Blackhawk, Stony. Comic book fan ship Winter Soldier x Black Widow, Clint x Mockingbird, Tony and...well whoever, Thor x Jane/Sif (personally I say Sif ) Sharon x Cap.
Movieverse fans want the same characters every single movie, comic books fans want a changing roster.
Movieverse fans want every film to be based around Loki. Comicbook fans want Ultron, Skrulls, ect.
Just because someone is a movieverse fan that doesn't make them inferior. It's really tiring being looked down upon because I *choose* not to read the comics. I used to read X-Men comics all the time until I got just got kicked in the face one too many times and had to quit because they only served to piss me off. I'm not completely ignorant of what happens in the comics but I choose not to read most of them because why read something that will only make me unhappy? I like what I like, and that doesn't make me any less of a fan.

I'm also getting tired of all these generalizations. Not all movieverse fans 'ship all those couples, nor do they want Loki in every movie. And as much as I loved Ruffalo as Banner, I've never been a fan of the Hulk.

I'm sorry if I sound overly sensitive, but I'm getting really tired of "comic fans" hating on "movieverse fans". I'm not saying there isn't a divide there, but can't we all just be "fans"?

Back on topic, the reason I'd like the current team to stay is not because there's not a tonne of other awesome characters that would be cool to see on screen, but because we haven't seen enough of the team we have yet. We haven't seen them really come together, get to know one another, not develop individually as well as together. It's easy to change rosters in the comics because they get years and hundreds of issues to do so, but the movies only get 2.5 hours, which isn't enough to really flesh out the team we have before they start adding more to it.

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