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Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
I think it's pretty safe to say these were the main characters in The Avengers:

Stark (Iron Man)
Banner (Hulk)
Rogers (Cap)

And these were the supporting characters:

The Other

And anyone else was little more than a walk on.

Now from what I can tell, pretty much all the supporting characters could be replaced with new supporting characters next go around. With the possible exception of Hill. Loki will not appear, being replaced as the primary villain by the obvious Ultron. And Fury will probably get bumped to supporting character. Thus leaving room for at least one new main character and several new supporting characters (half a dozen or so at least). Considering the origin is out of the way and none of the primary Avengers needs to be introduced (Hawkeye/Hulk namely) there is a lot of free time in AoU compared to The Avengers. Why 5-10 minutes of that time can't, literally cannot (Whedon's words) be dedicated to Hank Pym just baffles me.
Because 5-10 minutes wouldn't be enough time if Pym was in the film as the creator of Ultron.

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