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Originally Posted by The Question View Post
Not all of them do.

I mean, the movie, and I'm not talking about Avengers lore or the Marvel Universe in general, I'm just talking about the movie... the movie may actually be better without Hank Pym because it makes the story of that movie flow better and makes it more engaging for the audience by using characters they're already familiar with. That doesn't seem possible to you?
At the moment: no, I do not think that removing Pym from the equation will benefit the movie at all. But I hope I'm wrong. I want to love Avengers II and much as I loved the first one. I have no desire to hate the film or the decisions of the writers/directors. I would love to come to this board two years from now and say that you (and Whedon) were right.But right now, I cannot see how making such huge changes are necessary or beneficial in ANY way. In my experience (Avengers aside) changes from the source material have ALWAYS been for the worse. There are so many terrible comic book movies that are not true (or mostly true) to the original stories. The fact that Marvel studios was trying to be more faithful was why the phase one was so great. This all began to change with Iron Man 3 and the huge liberties taken by Black. You'll have to forgive me if I'm not as optimistic as you - I wish I could be.

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