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Originally Posted by StreetWarrior View Post
At the moment: no, I do not think that removing Pym from the equation will benefit the movie at all. But I hope I'm wrong. I want to love Avengers II and much as I loved the first one. I have no desire to hate the film or the decisions of the writers/directors. I would love to come to this board two years from now and say that you (and Whedon) were right.But right now, I cannot see how making such huge changes are necessary or beneficial in ANY way. In my experience (Avengers aside) changes from the source material have ALWAYS been for the worse. There are so many terrible comic book movies that are not true (or mostly true) to the original stories. The fact that Marvel studios was trying to be more faithful was why the phase one was so great.
That's were were findamentally disagree: Changes from the details of the source material are not only not an inherently bad thing, they're usually necessary. Inevitably you have to change things when adapting from one medium to another. The only way being faithful to the source material really matters is when you're being faithful to the spirit of the source material. Changing details is fine as long as what the story is about is the same.

Originally Posted by StreetWarrior View Post
This all began to change with Iron Man 3 and the huge liberties taken by Black. You'll have to forgive me if I'm not as optimistic as you - I wish I could be.
Yeah, again, this is where we disagree. I loved the changes in Iron Man 3. They stayed true to the spirit of the things they were changing while also making some very necessary improvements (namely making the main villain not a racial caricature). The only things that were changed were the surface details, the core of the characters was portrayed very faithfully in my opinion.

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Most fans would agree it would be plenty if he was co-creator and received a spin-off 6 months later.
But it wouldn't be enough for the movie. Character development isn't just for the characters, it's for the movies that they're in. A spin off film six months later doesn't change the fact that in Avengers, 5-10 minutes wouldn't be enough time for a character who's whole character arc is the central plot of the film.

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