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Originally Posted by The Question View Post
Yeah, again, this is where we disagree. I loved the changes in Iron Man 3. They stayed true to the spirit of the things they were changing while also making some very necessary improvements (namely making the main villain not a racial caricature). The only things that were changed were the surface details, the core of the characters was portrayed very faithfully in my opinion.
Agree to disagree. As someone who's been reading Iron Man for the last 10+ years, Iron Man 3 was about as accurate to the comics as X-Men 3 or X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It may have been a continuation of Iron Man 2 but it did not match the tone or spirt of the source material. I wanted "Iron Man 3" (loosely based upon the comic book character). Instead I got "Robert Downey Jr. starring as himself in Lethal Weapon 5 with a cameo by Marvel's Iron Man armor". However, if that's how you feel I'm afraid we'll NEVER see eye-to-eye. Agree to disagree.

EDIT: And the Mandarin hasn't been a racial caricature in ten years.

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