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Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
Pretty much everyone can relate to that, and the presentation is nothing new. Doubly so for us friggin' geeks on a website devoted to being geeks and geeking out about geeky stuff. That's nothing impressive from a Superman story.

So, yeah, Superman: Earth One I is still pretty crap, but it's not really even an origin, it doesn't cover why Clark wants to be Superman (even worse considering in it, and Man of Steel, Clark has no choice in the matter, he's forced into it) just how.
He became Superman as lives were in danger. He could've stayed in anonymity but he didn't

Originally Posted by CGHulk View Post
I think that because the previous incarnations of Superman were more light hearted, this film being more dramatic is off setting the fans who are thinking that this incarnation is to dark or joyless. This film is enjoyable not joyful in the sense of light heartedness, that's the difference! I like a more lighthearted Superman film but this new one is good. Superman can be done more seriously/dramatically and still be enjoyable.

I think we'll see more light-hearted moments shine through in sequels and future movies as for the origin, I think it should be a bit dark with glimmers of light shining through in future movies. Right now with all the universe-building towards a JL movie, I'm more interested in seeing a Superman that is serious enough to be the alpha leader we know from comics and the DCAU and could potentially evolve into the sort of Superman similar to Kingdom Come's Superman.

I felt I got that and the overall setting of the MOS story universe feels like a story inspired by Kingdom Come could take place which is another reason I liked the film.

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