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hopefuldreamer, I know it's no secret you have strong feelings about MOS, but allow me to make this proposal to you. Much as in the Donner films, when Superman disobeys Jor-el, and thus truly stands on his own as a man (director's intent btw) so too does MOS Clark live a life doing his own thing saving people despite his fathers warning to the contrary. He too, as Jonathon, is trying to find a balance between what he knows could be the unintended consequences of his existence and power and his own feelings to help those around him (Those consequences are not just the fear of human kind but perhaps their worship, or perhaps his exploitation. It was not all about fear.). I mean, in the film there is only one person who loses their life because Clark's secret must be kept and his name was Jon Kent who was willing to lay down his life so that his son would not only be safe, but also to keep the world safe from the aforementioned unintended consequences of Clark's exposure. He was threading a moral needle as best he could. And you know what? Maybe he was wrong? Shock of shocks, pehaps a film about a proactive hero like Superman is not totally endorsing Pa Kent's view of things as they are presented here. After all, surprise, surprise, Clark is the Clark we all know and love, using his power to save lives and confront the wicked through the film's runtime. Perhaps the themes and messages in the film are more nuanced and open to interpretation as befits the more complex world we live in. As I stated, this balance and nuance was something I greatly appreciated.

As for Superman not saving those living under tyrants and thugs, and him not saving Jonathon in the film, I can grant you there is a distinction... Though one could argue it is a distinction without much of a difference, since the end result is the same. Superman allowing someone to die (and it KILLING him on the inside) is still Superman ALLOWING someone to die. Whether that person's name is Jon Kent or Joe Blow the end pojnt is still a (fictional) corpse, now is'nt it?

As I stated dreamer, I know you have strong feelings on the film, but I would like to think what I presented here had both a rationality and an emotional insight. Certainly it was worth more than a curt "Come on" .

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