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Default Re: Daredevil reboot: official discussion thread - Part 3

I'd LOVE to see Jeffery Donovan play Matt. He's a very talented actor and I'm sure he could pull it off. Ben Affleck would be a great choice as director too but I doubt it would happen. I'm with everyone that thinks "Born Again" is the best route to go but maybe that should be saved for part 3.

Part 1 should focus on the basics. Young Matt gets blinded and found by Stick who trains him. I want there to be tension between Matt's dad and Stick as Jack doesn't want his son learning how to fight. Have Matt side with Stick and go off on a journey to train for several years. Stick could be training him to join his cabinet to battle the Hand, maybe (probably have Elektra train with him as well showcasing their love for each other). Years later Matt returns home and finds out his dad was killed and he feels guilty so he honors his dad and enters law school, leaving Stick and Elektra. He meets Foggy and fast forward to them as lawyers where he meets Karen Page. Matt then eventually feels compelled to use his skills to fight criminals that escape the legal system and he stumbles upon a mystery that involves the main villain (preferably a crime Lord like maybe The Owl or Hammerhead or maybe several). Urich can be around hunting down the masked Daredevil vigilante. I'd also like Urich to be on the case of the suspicious death of Jack Murdock, which at the end of the movie he presents Matt with a major clue he has that points to the Kingpin, setting up the second movie.

Second movie could be Kingpin starting an all out gang war as he's moving his way to the top. It could be a whole team of assassins from the Marvel Universe (yes, Bullseye and Elektra have to appear).

Part 3 is when "Born Again" should be adapted.

I want Donovan as Matt and John Goodman as Kingpin. Don't argue with me.

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