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Default Re: Catch me if you can!! Evan Peters?Quicksilver Thread

Evan Peters is a fantastic choice as Quicksilver he is a tremendous actor and I know he going to do a great job with the role. As far as how he fits into the story in my mind there is no doubt Quicksilver will be part of the future cast. The future cast seems a more likely choice because to me the future doesn't mean present day. From the source material of DOFP there is a huge war going on between mutants and humans. I think Petro will be fighting by his father side in the future.

The Avengers tie in I doubt, might get the same actor though but I doubt there be any mention to his X-Men past. I know people think the X-men being back in the Marvel hands would be great but I doubt it. Marvel movies want to stay away from some of the tougher subjects its comics were built on such as Tony's drinking, Nazi's and all the sudden God's dropping from the sky.

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