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Default Re: Should Fox increase the scale of the franchise?

I feel that the scale of the movies need to be increased. The stakes need to be higher, the action better and the special effects needs to be so much better.

I'm not saying that they should turn the film into an Avenger's style action extravaganza at the expense of character development, narrative structure etc. The last time they did that we got X3.

I would rather DoFP and all X-Films in the future are closer to X2 and FC then X3. However, one thing that they lacked were visually stunning action pieces. X2 was closer to it with the Storm/jet sequence, and the nighcrawler fight scene. but nothing close to the amazing action that Avengers had.

I'm not asking for many action sequences but I am asking that the ones we do get aren't understated fight scenes but spectacular displays of each of the character's powers. Something monumental that stands out against the special effects filled films that DoFP will be up against.

I mean with FC Magneto alone should have epic displays of power but with the possible return of the original trilogy characters of the likes of Jean Grey, Wolverine, Iceman and Storm - (a character that has appeared in three movies but has never displayed anything near to the kind of power that Storm has from the comics aside from the aforementioned Storm/Jet sequence which has to be one of the best visual effect pieces of the entire franchise) This gives them the chance to really be imaginative with how the characters use their powers.

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