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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by X Knight View Post
how did the D-pad part feel?

I use the D-pad when playing fighting games. On the PS3, sometimes I felt it "grating" on my hand a bit. like the individual D-pad arrows were too hard or something.

does the D-pad on the PS4 feel softer/smoother?

also, did you get to see if there will be a web browser on the PS4?
Sorry I hardly used the D-pad in any of the games I played so couldn't answer that. I agree it's vital for fighters and a big part of the reason why the otherwise pretty-much perfect 360 controller was crap for certain beat'em ups. In other areas though the new PS4 controller is 100 times better. This one feels super comfortable like the 360 one did. It looks great and is super sleek. The directional sticks are much better positioned too.

Also don't know about the chance to muck around on the PS4 aside from playing the specific games I queued up for for a set amount of time. Actually couldn't even see the console as it was behind a non-transparent cabinet (unlike XB1).

Sorry for the crap answers

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