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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 3

looks like the DS4 will be compatible with PC from launch. Cool. I hope developers have native support for it since the 360 seemed to be the default gamepad this gen

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
That seems illegal to do, but I don't know UK law.
A retailer can price a product however they want. What Sony gave is only the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (and that's called Retailer Recommended Price in UK). A retailer doesn't have to follow what the manufacturer set. They can go higher or lower if they choose. They typically wont go higher so they can stay competitive with other retailers but there isn't a low preventing them from doing so.

ETA: Just read that article and yeah that does sound super shady. I also don't know UK law but here in the US, I don't think you are allowed to change the price on existing preorders. You can change it now for future ones but he ones that people have already paid for were for a guaranteed set price

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