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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
I really disagree, I think SV's LnC was the worst reveal, even less interesting than SV's Chloe and Clark in the season 5 premiere.

I won't list all the reasons, but, here's one: Lois was the very last person to learn who Clark was on SV. Lex, Lionel, Tess, Arthur, Justin, Cyborg, Bart, Lana, Chloe, Jimmy, Alicia, several government agencies, davis, major zod, et cetera, everybody knew before Lois. In contrast, on Lois and Clark (and Man of Steel), Lois finding out is something special, because she is a privileged and necessary confidante by virtue of being in a relatively exclusive group of people. There were never any awkward situations where everybody knew who Clark was except for Lois, like there were on Smallville.
Only on MOS can we calim Lois is the first to know.

In L&C a few people learn before Lois. Jason Trask, although he soon died. Mayson Drake also learns before Lois, but she learns it as she is dieing from a bomb attack. This is getting to be a theme.

Diana Stride and her cameraman Ralph, but they go to jail and Clark dispells her claims. Aymee Valdes, Diana Snachez, Dudley and Philip Manning, the "Smart Kids", but Clark half convinces them they are wrong. Jack, but he vanishes. The Kent's neighbor Wayne Irig also seems to know, at least it is very hard to work a plot where he does not know. Oh, and Wanda Mae Waldecker knows but she thinks she is Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, so no one would believe her. I can't remember if her brother who gets Superman's powers knows.

I would say Lois is the first Clark tells, but he wimps out and she figures out before he tells her.

Still Lois knows before Jimmy, who never finds out, and apparently before Perry and everyone else who works at the planet, since none of them apparently find out (except maybe Jack, but he vanishes after season 1).

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