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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
Oh I'm definitely not happy that Lois was the last one to know. It was one of the many things that pissed me off about Smallville and how they treated Lois. The actual reveal is all I am talking about, that she discovers the truth from him kissing her was a throwback to LnC. Like u said it is irritating and infuriating that Lois was the last to know and everyone was in on the conspiracy to keep her in the dark; I might be too sensitive but if that was done to me I'd be pissed off.
Since LnC was more character-driven and less mythology-driven, they were able to bask in the glow of Lois finding out, and stretch the awesome for several episodes.

They had the fun episode immediately after when Lois and Clark went camping, and she asked him to not use his powers for the weekend, and a lot of fun scenes happened, like when he tried, clumsily, to light a campfire without using heat vision, and she said "this is what I imagined a camping trip with Clark Kent would be like".

There was also the part where Lois was afraid to meet Martha again afterwards, she got intimidated once it occurred what an amazing mother Martha must have been to raise such a special child. When she met Martha again, finally, Martha said to Lois "I've never been able to talk about Clark to another woman before", and then embraced her. It was a really heartwarming scene that would only be so heartwarming because of its context, one where not everybody knows about Clark, and on a version of the Superman mythos where characters like Lois and Martha are respected. In contrast, I don't see this happening in the MoSverse as each of Martha and Lois were undermined by the writing, and if they shined at all it's only because Diane Lane and Amy Adams gave more to the roles than they deserved.

Anywya, maybe you're right that Smallville's reveal on its own was better. I don't know... context really matters to me. By the time Smallville got to season 10, it had lost all magic to me, so I couldn't enjoy it. I've never been able to watch the series finale and follow everything.

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