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Default Re: Discussion: Bloomberg's Ban On Large Sugary Drinks

Originally Posted by JKKS085 View Post
And for morbid obesity as well
But hey, you're right guys, it's your jesus given right to be able to drink sodas from buckets you could comfortably bathe your babies in.
Maybe so . . . part of the freedom to choose is the freedom to make the wrong choice. But, you don't take away EVERYONE's choice because of the irresponsible actions of some. Otherwise, we could ban/restrict a lot of activities on the basis of harm to self.

I love french fries. A couple of times a month, I'll go to Wendy's on a Saturday for lunch. I'll get a large-sized chicken sandwich combo meal, with large fries and a large soft drink. The drink is roughly 28 oz and 320 calories. The whole meal tips in at 1,380 calories. Doesn't sound too healthy, does it?

Well, the odds are that before I get that lunch, I've put in some time on my bicycle. And I burn at least 2,000 calories on an average ride. Did I mention that I'm in great health? Cholesterol, blood sugar, body fat, overall weight . . . all within healthy ranges--I'm very lean. See, before I even eat that lunch, I've already burned enough calories to take care of the breakfast I ate before the ride, the snacks I had on the ride, and the fast food meal I will eat after it.

See, I've made the choice to eat junk food, but I've also made the choice to make it a treat in my life rather than a regularity. My typical meal consists of home-cooked grains, vegetables, and lean meats. I prepare them myself and almost always from scratch. I exercise 6 days a week on average, alternating gym time and bike time.

I LOVE my trips to Wendy's, but I understand they have to be only on occasion for the sake of my health. After a long ride, nothing hits the spot like that monster, ice-cold soft drink. What I don't love is some nanny-state fascist lecturing me and telling me I can't have that large soft drink, because other people have decided to make the wrong choice by having too much of it.

Why? Because I've already proved to Bloomberg that I can have large soft drinks . . . I didn't need his help, and I can run my life just fine without his unwanted regulations.

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