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Default Re: Discussion: Bloomberg's Ban On Large Sugary Drinks

Originally Posted by enterthemadness View Post
Why can't the machines be there for after school? Like band practice or while kids wait to go home on the second load bus? Just turn on the machines at 3pm. Problem solved.

Dude, are you physic? never knew I'll die in a fiery car crash. Well damn.

No thankfully I'm not psychic. Enough stuff running through my mind. And given the amount of heart disease in this country and the number of wrecks that happen saying an obese person will wreck due to heart failure isn't that far fetched.

And the machines don't need to be there at all because kids don't need sodas at school. If they want a drink they can get water. These are kids. Just because they want sweets doesn't mean they need it.

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